Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The lawyer in me

John Paul Stevens wants to live for another two months (hat tip to the Wildcats here!) and Ginsburg isn't healthy.

Yes, the Supreme Court gets all the press, but it is in the circuit courts where the heavy lifting is done legally. Bush has stacked the 11 appeals circuits with YOUNG ideologues with LIFETIME appointments.

Here's to an Obama presidency and returning sanity to the federal bench.


Lula O said...

Here, Here. As for me, I hope he adds a little more xx instead of xy into the equation.

Peter said...

Lula, I would agree, except that some of the more fascist Bush apointments share your chromosonal makeup...

Here's to intelligent PROGRESSIVE and thoughtful women and men on the bench!

Lula O said...

Sorry, I was referring to the big hairy elephant, not the birds that eat the pesky fleas on it's back and make its life easier.
I wonder how many more he'll try to sneak in before he goes. Maybe he won't have enough time, being the busy guy he is.