Friday, October 24, 2008


So, the rightosphere, desperate for something to change the narrative of this election (John McCain gets throttled by 150 EV), glommed on to the sensational story out yesterday about a 20 year old McCain volunteer supposedly getting attacked by a black man, where first he just robbed her, then noticed that she had a McCain bumper sticker, and just went nuts. Now, of course, such a story feeds into their feverish little vestigial brains because it reinforces the very very very old saw about how the black men will attack our white wimmen if only they had the chance. Stephen Douglas used that same line of attack on Abraham Lincoln, for crying out loud, which proves that conservatives never learn anything.

Anyway, they were all excited and ready to ride racial hatred and fear of DaScaryNaughtyWordsPeople to victory.

Umm, oops.
Pittsburgh police said a 20-year-old woman who originally said she was robbed and assaulted at knifepoint in Bloomfield because of her political views made the story up.

Ashley Todd -- who has a backward letter "B" scratched into her right cheek -- confessed to faking the story and will be charged with filing a false report, Assistant Police Chief Maurita Bryant said at a news conference Friday.


I'm Not Ned said...

New reality show: Ashley the Victim dates Joe the Plumber.

I'm very close to going on a tirade of obscenities.

What makes me really mad is that I still know people who are staunch McCain supporters even after this, Joe and $150,000 of new clothes (more than Joe's house).

Forget it, I'm done. There's a Foster08 office on my way home from work. They're getting everything in my pocket (more than dinner for a few) and I'm taking home signs.

It's official: The Democratic Party is now my conservative, common sense home.

Sorry it took so long, but I kept hoping the real conservative Republicans would come out and tell me it was all a joke, a 10 trillion dollar joke.

drmagoo said...

I'm Not Ned - glad to have you here. It doesn't make any more sense on this side, but we're less evil.

I'm Not Ned said...

But it does make more sense.

Lately I've been arguing whether trickle down economics works, claiming that it should show up as a change in the number below the poverty level. The data shows zero to negative effect. There is nothing trickling down.

Now I'll agree 100% that the corporate tax rate when Reagan took office was very excessive, but the Reagan crew derailed common sense and started the destruction of our manufacturing infrastructure and the erosion of our working class.

No conservative would ever support that type of position. It's un-American.

It's hard to wrap my head around, but fiscally the Dems have taken over from the Repubes.