Thursday, October 23, 2008

Good to be back

Tired though.

First, I am never flying again.

I'm on the window in a two-across aisle. Not bad, until Mrs. Jabba the Hut sits down. She had to lift the armrest and needed the belt extender, The whole trip she was eating this huge bag of candy on her lap--and sweating. DIRECTLY in front, a toddler, and her parents apparently mistook me for someone who likes kids. Directly behind me--a dog. No kidding. A little yipping dog.

Second it was a great conference, securities litigation. It's subprime time and that's better than Christmas for the litigators.

And third, I didn't even recognize San Francisco. When I went last year the city was being strangled by the homeless. I don't know what they did (maybe I don't want to know) but the legions of unfortunates sleeping about town were just gone. Even pre-dawn walking from the hotel near Chinatown to the BART on Market Street heading to the airport, not a one.

Time for bed.

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