Wednesday, August 08, 2007

On the road

So I'm spending a week or so out in the greater Seattle area, which is why I've been quiet on the latest attacks on our civil liberties. I find vacation to be a useful thing - I get far less worked up about the horrible things that go on than I do when I'm at home (of course, there will be something new next week, so I've got that going for me).

A couple of days ago I took a trip to a cute little town in the San Juan Islands, and since I wasn't feeling well that day, I visited a number of places that regularly have graffiti on the walls. All except one had profoundly anti-Bush graffiti, and the one that didn't had something saying "F___ the GOP". It was enough to make an ill drmagoo feel a little better about the world.

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I'm Not Ned said...

That's my old stomping grounds!

Glad to see they haven't changed.