Thursday, June 07, 2007

SHE ran a national campaign? And she is a "law professor?"

Susan Estrich, the "mastermind" of that great Dukakis campaign, and a professor of law, wrote that
The only problem here is that there was no underlying crime.
Susan, pardon me (pun intended), but you are a "professor" of criminal law. This involved testimony to a GRAND JURY. What do GRAND JURIES do? They INVESTIGATE. They decided not to indict a primary violation under a crappy statute, but a large part of the problem in that failure to indict involved the Scooter lies.

So Susan, it is OK to lie to a grand jury as long as the INVESTIGATIVE JURY does not indict???

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drmagoo said...

I was going to post something on this, but I got busy. It doesn't matter if the grand jury asks you what you had for breakfast - if you lie, it's perjury. And add to that the complication that it's likely that the jury didn't indict *because* Scooter, etc, lied, which meant they couldn't get the whole story. Ah, if only there was a blowjob involved...