Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I belong to no organized political party

I'm (ashamed to be) a Democrat.

The cave on Iraq funding is so humiliating. The Democratic Congress was elected to stop the madness, and they cave in front of Chimpy's veto pen.

Hey Dems, here's a thought--You've sent hima bill, and he pulled out the veto crayon. ALL the leverage is YOURS. If NOTHING happens, the war funding stops. You had every advantage and you pissed it away. Disgusting.


Rousing Rabble said...

This is WORSE that humiliating -- it has absolutely soured me. The democratic leadership talked a big game, but when it came down to it, they proved to be lightweights. They had EVERYTHING on their side - Chimpy's approval ratings at the mendoza line, an AG on the verge of resignation, an electorate aching to get the fuck out of Iraq, and a relatively receptive press.
What do they do with these advantages? They crap down their collective pant legs. BRUTAL. Nothing like giving in to an idiot to make the idiot look better...

How the hell could I think that they'd craft articles of impeachment?

ZinfandelFan said...

You beat me to the post, Pete. I'm infuriated. Simply, mind-numbingly infuriated and we give it to the sunofabitch while he's in Crawford chopping lumber and clearing brush. I'm making phone calls tomorrow. I've got a Rethug for my rep, but it won't stop me from calling every Illinois Democrat and letting them know.

I'm Not Ned said...

I've admitted before, I'm not a Dem. I'm a fiscal conservative, "old school". I've never bought into the general Dem tax plans. My turning point started with "trickle down economics". As someone with a Masters if finance I know that's crap. It's a means to separate the classes and nothing else. Then the repubes really started falling apart with the new leadership via the imMoral Majority. I tried to be a Repube, but I can't be a part of their immoral "crusades".

So when junior took office I was done. I don't care what an idiot calls himself he's still and idiot. At this point, if that a Republican I'm not. So I've been cheering for the Dems for the past 7 years. Not part one of the team, but definitely a non-Repube.

Then, just as I'm about ready to embrace the Democratic Party as my new team, the team that actually defends America, they pull off the costume and reveal a complete lack of spine.


jimbow8 said...

Thanks, Peter. I agree. I've heard people trying to defend the Dems by saying they don't have a veto-proof majority. So what! That is exactly NOT the point. As you said, keep throwing bills at him and letting him veto them - also storing up his feeble reasons (like pork spending) to be used against him later. If he doesn't sign any, he doesn't get his precious funding.

And to 'i'm not ned,' I consider myself a fiscal conservative (of sorts) also. We could probably both go on all day about supply-side/trickle-down economics.

schmidlap said...

I'm still too bummed out to even post about it yet.

Life Hiker said...

I'm also a reformed Republican sickened by the war and the Bush mal-administration.

It bums me out, though, that you have so little confidence in the democrat congress. All your ranting does nothing to change the fact that not giving Bush the money would have let him start the train of "incidents" related to the dems not supporting the troops. By year-end many undecided people would be questioning whether the dems lost the war for us, since the tales of woe would be endless.

The vote was all about letting Bush stew in his own war and his party getting annihilated as a result of it. Give the congress some credit for being "politically smart" in a battle they could not win. It's Bush who's killing our soldiers, not the democrats.