Sunday, May 20, 2007

And in this corner...

From today's letters to the editor:
When will we admit that, if and when we abandon Iraq, we are still at war? How foolish to alert the enemy of our withdrawal when we are in a lifetime struggle against a foe that will never go away. We have got to toe the mark and convince other nations that if America loses, they are goners too.

We now struggle alone.

The threat of global dominance requires global resistance, not just one nation fighting Goliath. David slew the giant with help from his God. America seems to have forgotten our past, when we honored our creator. Many a battle is fought and won on one's knees.

Elizabeth Pearson

Wow, this one is a stunner First of all, Lizzie, we are not "AT WAR." The "war" ended about 20 days after it began. Now we are just slogging through a botched occupation that will end badly, sooner or later. Global dominance? Wild-eyed fanatics in caves with box ciutters and backpack bombs. Please, be serious. I can show you global dominance if you want. Pull out your map and take a long look at that REALLY big country called China.

And God? Yeah, I'm sure the supreme being, creator of the universe has a vested interest in the outcome of the misguided imperial delusions of a drunken failure with daddy issues. Lizzy, please, on your way back to Elmhurst,


I'm Not Ned said...

Not often someone refers to the most sophisticated armed force in the world as "David".

It's nice to see that at least Ms. Pearson understands that "we are in a lifetime struggle against a foe that will never go away." i.e. you can't win this war. Not sure why she thinks it's necessary to keep fighting though, when you already know you can't win.

As for the battle fought on one's knees I'm confused... Is this a reference to Bush's religious advice from Haggert?

schmidlap said...

What a crowded, dense corner.