Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Repubicans hate poor people

Despite passing easily in the House, the Republicans in the Senate just can't keep their grubby hands to themselves, and have messed up an attempt to raise the minimum wage. The bill from the House was extremely simple, spelling out when and to what amount the minimum wage would be raised, and that's it. However, unless businesses get tax breaks (I know, shocking), the GOP doesn't believe that they should have to pay their workers a respectable wage.

Of course, they killed it in a cloture vote. What about an up and down vote, folks? What about those obstructionists in the other party?

Who cares about the poor, anyway - hell, can they even vote?


schmidlap said...

Good thing impeachment is still "off the table" so we can get our Progressive Agenda (tm) passed into law.

I'll hold my breath on the stem cell legislation, too.

I hate it when I'm exactly, hammer-on right.

I'm not Ned said...

I can picture the 100 hour agenda becaming a list of campaign points:

"We passed a new minimum wage. The Repubes killed it. We passed funding stem cell research. The Repubes killed it. We passed the 9/11 commission suggestions. The Repubes killed it. We passed a law to make kittens cuter. The Repubes killed them."

jimbow8 said...

To i'm not ned:

I thought Repugnantcans had already blocked this but then flip-flopped due to the backlash they rec'd. Or was that in the House? If so, maybe it will happen in Senate also.

schmidlap said...

I think the more likely right wing media narrative will be "the democrats got nothing done."

They are going to make us wear this, you watch.