Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I don't know who's watching tonight

Link to the text (h/t Think Progress)

Who yelled "Whoo!" when W was introduced?

Health care? Higher fuel standards? Global climate change? Who does this guy think he is, a liberal?

What the hell is Cheney smirking at?

Oh, crap. 9/11. Time for whiskey.

Notice how he's gotten almost no applause at all about his 20k Tank Fodder approach?

This really is a painfully weak speech. He's not saying anything at all. Not the usual nothing, but really nothing. Even the "initiatives" are small time for a SotU. Not exactly what he needs to get a bounce.

Man, did he have to concentrate to say "Dikembe Mutombo".

Someone call Jack Nicholson. Laura stole his Joker mask.

That's it - if we have kids, I'm never buying them "Baby Einstein" stuff.

I'll give Wesley Autrey his props, though. That took some serious guts.



Rousing Rabble said...

Interesting that Drinky found time to tell me that No Child Left Behind has had such a profound impact on the achievement gap between children of color and their caucasian and asian counterparts, and that reauthorization is sure to further narrow the gap. If there is a higher power out there, NCLB withers away and dies...

I'm not Ned said...

Very interesting. I followed a bit of the pre-speach lead-up so there were no surprises.

He was trying to look he was doing his job, taking care of the country's business. The problem is he hasn't done it and doesn't know how to do it.

His health care initiative is a crock. Effectively if you don't have any money to spend on health care we'll give you a tax break to spend money on health care. ??? He's talking to the nation that has a negative savings rate.

No child left behind means they'll be on the plane to Iraq/Iran after the education system fails them.

His energy policy is "don't use so much fuel". Thanks. How about funding science research of alternatives? Wasn't he "The Science President" once or was that just a chance to re-write the science books with "God" inserted?

And doesn't he realize that Sept. the eleven is over? When he brings it up all he does is make people wonder where bin Laden is and question how he can still associate 9/11 with Iraq other than it marks the start of the destruction of our Constitution and respect in the world.

He should have just come out and offered everyone a piece of candy.

Anonymous said...

As a newly anointed father, I have to give props to Baby Einstein stuff - it's generally well thought out and not overly annoying. If you've ever had a LeapFrog something, you'll know how self-promoting and aggrandizing that crap is.

thern1 said...

No talk of Katrina recovery - where is this guy's head at? No, wait a minute...I know! Dry drunk bastard!

jimbow8 said...

To address the issue of the new idea for a tax deduction for health care:

A couple interesting points:

1) A tax deduction means that your medical insurance will have to have been taxed in the first place, no? That means the Repugs are instituting a NEW TAX, if the pundits were correct that medical insurance has NEVER been taxed before.

2) Chimpy McFlightsuit's proposal seems to be for a STANDARD deduction, which (if I'm correct - I'm no tax accountant) means that no matter what you pay for health insurance, you'll only be able to write off the standard amount. If you pay a lot more, you get screwed; if you're rich enough to get a good plan, you get to write off more than you paid. How convenient.

If I'm right about this ........ ?