Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Mix one part reality with one part nightmare

From the New York Times, on Rummy's replacement:

Here's the reality:
“Mr. Gates, do you believe that we are currently winning in Iraq?” Mr. Levin asked. “No, sir,” Mr. Gates replied, going on to agree with the senator that a political settlement is needed to end the blood-letting, and that the United States needed to convey “a sense of urgency” to the Iraqis about reaching an accord.
Here's the nightmare:
Mr. Gates said “there clearly were insufficient troops in Iraq after the initial invasion.” While he said that he envisions “a dramatically smaller” number of United States troops there, he said an American presence would be required “for a long time.”

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I'm not Ned said...

Headline from CNN.com concerning the Iraq report: "Report: Iraq situation 'grave'"

I think they mean the nation of Iraq is a grave.