Thursday, December 14, 2006

From the Pickle Barrel

So who does Pickles Bush blame for her husband's poll numbers, which are hovering just so slightly above the approval rating for compound fractures and open sores? Why, the media, of course. It's because of what we see on the tee vee.

Of course she does.

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schmidlap said...

I used to feel bad for her. Being married to him, and having the Leviathan as your mother-in-law, that's not easy.

But when she steps into the marketing/framing fray like this, she's fair game for flameage. Fuck her.

Also, we have to call her out for enabling Chimpenf├╝hrer's failure to come to grips with his alcoholism. Whether he's currently wet or dry (I vote wet) is beside the point. What kind of spouse lets their partner fall apart like that without intervening? I don't care if he's the Preznit or not. It's shameful.