Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Am not! Am too!

The president is acting like a petulant teenager just after his parents told him that they were getting him a babysitter. His reaction to the ISG report can be neatly summed up as "You're not the boss of me!"

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Bradley Bury said...

Since he's obviously not going to give up on his little pet project & the expenses will continue to mount until he's out on his ass, I suggest a new policy that should please (at least temporarily) both red & blue states alike.

First off, let him have his war. But for every human being that loses his life in Iraq, a U.S. citizen gets to full-on punch W right in his stupid pumpkin head. How do we decide who gets to punch him? Well, we hold ourselves a daily lottery. The proceeds will fund the war and the war enables us to punch the cause of so many of our sleepless nights. We could even do an international lottery for a chance at a groin shot.

Hell, the killing's going to go on until '08 anyway. We might as well use this as a way to lower our collective blood pressure until then.