Monday, November 26, 2012


YO, EDDIE HOW'D YOUR PACKERS DO LAST NIGHT? (SEE BELOW FOR BIG EDDIE'S TEARS.) But the Big Guy was otherwise all recovered from the L-Tryptophan Turkey overdose on Thanksgiving to offer some trenchant observations re:football this holiday w'end. Totally agree with Big Eddie on the hype surrounding the 49ers kid QB. You don't bench your starter who has done no wrong just because the kid shows flashes of brilliance and beginner's luck. Wait till he takes his first big league hit ...

Couple other random thoughts: (1) Big Eddie ought to interview — totally serious — his namesake "Fireman Ed," the Jets' longtime No. 1 fan who has finally had ENOUGH of the Jets' EPIC INCOMPETENCE and up and quit! Should make for a great interview, Eddie. (2) Is anyone as SICK of the Cowboys as I am?! Everytime I turn around, one network or another is sucking up to Jerry Jones' HORRIBLE team, barely hanging on with a 5-6 record, a supremely incompetent coach, and a punch-drunk dumb quarterback. Yet wingnuts like Al Michaels talk up the team as if they're this HUGE powerhouse. The bias is so pronounced, it's embarrassing and DISGUSTING. (3) How incompetent is Norv Turner, San Diego coach?! Had his defense played basic, FUNDAMENTAL football, which means wrapping and NO MISSED OPEN FIELD TACKLES, they would've put the Ravens away on a 4th-and-29! At such a moment the coach has to gather his D and give them a reminder pep talk: FOCUS, COVER YOUR LANES, AND WHATEVER YOU DO, NO MISSED OPEN-FIELD TACKLES! Turner does a pretty good impression of a zombie on the sidelines, and that carries over to his team.

Finally, I must say, Big Eddie, Aaron Rodgers is a totally overrated QB. Without a top receiving corps, he's like a lost widdle cheesehead in the woods. Put it this way: Given the choice, I'll take one of the most underrated QBs in football, Eli Manning, over Rodgers ... EVERY TIME. Eli is nothing short of amazing given what he's had to work with in his receiving corps.

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