Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Justice For Amanda Todd: ANONYMOUS 'Outs' Her Alleged Tormentor

THIS IS AWESOME. ANONYMOUS HAS SENT a message to every internet predator, bully, child pornographer, et al, who think they can safely hide behind firewalls from Hell: "We are ANONYMOUS. We are legion. We do not forget. We do not forgive."

ANONYMOUS claims the 32-year old man it has outed as Amanda Todd's primary tormentor, driving her to suicide, has also made postings to child porn sites. While we should certainly discourage vigilanteism and allow for justice to take its snail's-pace course, these guys have done good. Read all the details here. As Jezebel notes:
In light of Gawker’s exposure of notorious troll Violentacrez, and Katie’s article about CreepShot-posting creeps being called out, it feels like there’s steady momentum in the direction of increased intolerance of this specific brand of internet bullshit. Maybe taking away the anonymity of these people won’t completely solve the problem, but perhaps it’ll slow things down, allowing would-be harassers to think twice. It likely won’t stop the real psychopaths, those hell-bent on being creeps, but it’ll probably encourage people who aren’t 100 percent devoted to being gross to put the brakes on. Plus, there is so much power in peers telling peers: “Hey, what you’re doing isn’t cool, so knock it the fuck off.” I’m guessing that’s our most effective weapon in bully culture, the ability of everyone on the sidelines to say, “Shut it down, weirdo!” Threatening to expose their asses is the internet equivalent of a badge of shame, but perhaps worse; trite as it is, you can’t take the internet off at the end of the day. Your name will always be out there, forever branded. Don’t believe me? Just Google “Michael Brutsch.”

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