Friday, October 26, 2012

Cake Is Baked: Powell Endorses, Polling Super Geek Says Romney Stalls, Wingnuts Stroke Out

IT'S ONE OF CHUCKLES TODDY'S FAVORITE PHRASES: "The cake is baked." This goose is cooked; the fat lady's sung; etc. When Queen Ann, who hasn't baked a thing in 40 years, burned her Romney clan brownies on national TV, it must've been an omen from the planet Kolob. Colin Powell followed President Clinton in making the best case for the President's re-election, period. His credentials as a largely extinct Republican moderate, Chairman of the JCS under Bush I and Secretary of State under Bush II, carry weight with so-called independent-leaning Republicans.

The polls trumpeted by the MSM Media obsessed with the horse race to hike advertising revenues are not to be believed, except for one constant: President Obama maintains his lead in the battleground states. One such unbelievable polling tidbit heard on the "news" with no explanation had Romney erasing the President's lead among women (yeah, right ... 20 pts. off) but the President drawing even with men. The latter I'm inclined to believe: In the last two debates the President showed up as the Alpha male. Guys watching them like a boxing match saw macho man Obama landing blow after blow on a hapless Romney, who skittered about with that wimpy, unmanly magic underwear strut, then basically endorsed Obama. What was it Teddy Kennedy said before smashing the RomBot, mocking his flip-flops: "At this rate, he'll end up voting for me!" So if you're a guy watching the last contest and see Romney praising Obama for "killing the bad guys" what are you going to do: Vote for the prissy-stepping wimp with the used car salesman's motor mouth? I don't think so. You vote for the dude with the piercing, contemptuous of Romney, eagle eyes, who "killed" our enemies.

Piling on, the king of polling analysis, New York Times' Super Geek Nate Silver threw cold water on the Romney bluster faux "Mitt-momentum" with his own expert edict: No-mentum. Isn't it pathetic to see Romney running away from questions about that crazy teabagger from Indiana, Richard Mourdock, God's avenging angel proclaiming his deity commands rape victims to carry a rape fetus to term. Romney is running away from questions and sit-down interviews period, running the mother of all stealth campaigns, hiding behind the filth of his carpet-bombing SuperPacs. His rejoinder to the rape questions is the President is campaigning on "small things" which explains why his campaign has refused to take down Romney's ad endorsing Mourdock. Pathetic. The "White Horse" believes a higher power — Koch brothers, Sheldon Adelson, et al — will propel him on the wings of Kolobian angels to the White House, no matter what happens on the ground. Mitt is another one who thinks he knows God's intention for him, a sociopathic religious fanatic given a free ride by media malpractice.

How long did the so-called "moderate Mitt" last? About two days, despite the fact clueless talking heads have yet to get the memo. Let's see: Romney's toothless attack dog, John Sununu the 'Lebanese Brain Fart', dismissed Powell's endorsement "because he's black." Add another notch to Sununu's 'respectful' campaign attacks, having called the President 'un-American', 'lazy' and 'stupid'. Wingnut Ann Coulter called the President 'a retard'. Village Idiot Sarah Palin piled on the racist base-sucking 'shuck & jive'; she's still clueless. These are but a few examples of the wingnut hive, frantically mobilized against President Obama. Typically for a hive, they are incapable of independent thought, so they receive their marching orders in bullet-point e-mails from wingnut internet and radio outlets, and are paid $20 bucks or more to call progressive radio programs posing as regular folks, to parrot the daily talking points.

Having knocked some three million voters off the rolls with their despicable 21st century Jim Crow voter suppression measures, their game plan is to mobilize the raw meat-eating racist basest of their base to go to the polls and vote for the tabula rasa tiptoe-thru-the-tulips wimp. Meanwhile, the President broadens his appeal to the last of the non-political, ignorant but persuadable voters. The only way Republicans win this election is by stealing it. In Ohio and Florida.

Memo To The DNC And The Chicago Team: Better be ready (and I mean, PREPARED!) to counter Republican dirty tricks and outright electoral theft come election day. So don't get complacent, Obama supporters: Get out there EN MASSE, AND VOTE!

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