Wednesday, August 22, 2012

TEH STOOPID: As I Was Saying ...

EVEN MORON JOE IS EMBARRASSED TO BE ASSOCIATED WITH "THE STUPID PARTY." Some right wing idiot sitting in a Rock Center, NYC, studio with his elitist "liberal" hostess and her rabbit food, country cottage outside NYC, Katrina "rescue" dog (more important than those dark people), expressing the flyover embarrassment of the GOP corporate elites. So fucking what?

The fact remains that out in the real world, getting rid of the Moron Joes and Bill Kristols and those of their ilk, up- and down-ballot, is an existential imperative for millions of Americans. TEH STOOPID Party has done untold damage and violence to this country over the course of 30 years. If the oligarchs, including the media elites of Moron Joe and Mika and Kristol win, history informs us there will be revolution. But Lawrence does a good job of finding humor in what his humorless buddy Joe says:

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