Thursday, May 03, 2012

P.P.S. Of Heroes And Villains

 NORM ORNSTEIN AND THOMAS MANN explain why it is necessary for we, the voters, to fumigate the Republican Party as we would a cockroach infestation. Meanwhile, Villain Ratigan can't seem to fit them into his schedule — OOPS, not after Villain threw a hissy fit at a former Medicare administrator who found fraud in the system but failed to blame President Obama; instead, he credited oversight provisions in the President's Affordable Care Act for unearthing the fraud, and added it will be a "tragedy" if the Supreme Court overturns it.

Paul Krugman who Lawrence accurately noted "is right about everything," won't be on Villain's show either; Villain hates him almost as much as he hates the President, because Krugman makes Villain look like a bigger fool than usual ... without breaking a sweat. But the stealth Republicans, Americans Elect, are Villain's kind of political support group ... "so gobsmackingly wrongheaded. To be fair, Americans Elect only has a few things wrong with it: They can't win, they can't govern, and the way they're going about their business is making our problems worse." Peas in a pod: Villain likes them.


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