Thursday, May 17, 2012


DEAR DEBBIE: PROGRESSIVES ARE FURIOUS AT THE DNC FOR YOUR NEGLECT OF THE WALKER RECALL ELECTION. I don't think you realize the level of upset and exasperation directed at national Democrats for having, effectively, cast the Gov. Walker Recall campaign in Wisconsin adrift. Your recent tweet and promise to visit the state to sign up "VOLS" is LUDICROUS. Democrats in Wisconsin have all the volunteers they need; what they DESPERATELY need is SEED MONEY from the DNC and Democratic donors to properly fund get-out-the-vote efforts. The request on the table is for $500,000 and Big Eddie's sources tell him the DNC could cut a check immediately.

WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! The funding is a PITTANCE compared to the outside BIG BILLIONAIRE DONOR contributions that has given Walker a 25-1 money advantage. Wisconsin is being carpet-bombed by Walker billionaire money spreading OUTRIGHT LIES which go unanswered because Democrats just haven't the money to compete with campaign ads. As a result, the polls show Walker has pulled ahead, but is, STILL, well within reach. IF ONLY THE NATIONAL DEMOCRATIC PARTY MOBILIZES TO COUNTER HIS MONEY ADVANTAGE.

There are many things you can do: Solicit and provide funds for the ground campaign; solicit at least some donor ad buys from wealthy Democrats (THEY EXIST!) to remind Wisconsin voters of Walker's TRUE RECORD of job losses, union busting, health, pension, and education cuts, and corporate tax breaks; send in some of our best people assets to campaign for Barrett, namely the President, Vice President, and Bill Clinton.

INERTIA IS NOT AN OPTION, Debbie. If you're afraid of having to spin a Walker win, his money advantage is already so HUGE that, if anything, it will be his side the more likely to misinterpret the results. The cost for the DNC with the BASE of sitting on the sidelines while Walker does his victory lap could well lose Wisconsin for President Obama. More may follow. If you go all out to help Wisconsin Democrats defeat Scott Walker, win or lose — as long as the DNC is in the game we'll give you a pass. Otherwise, progressives will REMEMBER IN NOVEMBER. The so-called "enthusiasm gap" will widen.

DO.NOT.TAKE.US.FOR.GRANTED. It's time to TAKE A STAND with the people of Wisconsin.

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