Thursday, March 08, 2012

Yo Michael, The Left Did This During The Bush Years ... Really?!

To My Friends At MSNBC: I hate to say this, people, but are you aware Rush Limbaugh smeared Andrea Mitchell in the most heinous way? Count 15. I hope somebody does something about it. The despicable PIG owes Andrea an apology. FIFTY and counting; five minutes of dead air time. Rush must be hurting when he borrows my phrase — liberals and progressives are fed up (that he's still on the air) — or is it that good old Zeitgeist once again ...

And Michael Steele, STFU already. Don't EVEN TRY defending this misogynistic garbage from the leader of your party. Honestly, I don't understand how you can be a Republican, you were a Seminarian. And despite your propensity for pissing us off, we're all genuinely glad you gave your once orderly party the gift of CHAOS.

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