Friday, October 21, 2011

Who Would You Rather See Leading Our Nation Today?

These Republicans have absolutely no scruples nor dignity or class. None whatsoever. The killing of Moammar Khaddafi, however it went down, was a great foreign policy success for this President's administration, and one more notch in his relentless hunt for terrorists, far outpacing the Bush-Cheney regime in singleminded disruption of terrorist networks and the elimination of Al Qaeda's top leadership. Khaddafi was a brutal dictator and a terrorist with PanAm 103 American victims' blood on his hands. He may have cut a "never mind" deal with the Bush-Cheney regime to renounce terrorism, cooperate with the U.S. in hunting Al Qaeda in exchange for coming in out of the cold — a slap in the face to the families of the PanAm 103 bombing victims — but it was a deal the Obama administration never felt obligated to "honor."

Quite the contrary, when the Lybian Spring uprising began and Khaddafi threatened his own people, President Obama took decisive action to stop it, and never looked back. The President made all the right moves despite outrageous Republican carping from the sidelines — forget the axiom that foreign policy criticism "stops at the water's edge" — with the unmitigated gall to complain that President Obama (a) should not have intervened, (b) acted too slowly, (c) led "from behind" allowing the French and British to take the point, (d) and yet the much-maligned French (remember "Freedom Fries"?) and British deserved all the credit once the dictator was killed while the President got nothing but grief.

Professor Cornell West said that if this President walked on water the Republicans would say he couldn't swim. And Andrew Sullivan said that if Mr. Obama were a Republican he'd be on Mount Rushmore. It's mindbending that these ratbastard Republicans are bitching about, frankly, a presidential strategy so flawless as to deserve the brilliant adjective, concluded in a matter of months at relatively little cost, no boots on the ground, and no U.S. casualties. They were consistently wrong, as we can see from their stupid carping dating back to the beginning of this collective NATO action.

One thing about Democrats: We're not big on hawking wars, we don't like them, and our instinct is to get in there, do what we need to do, and get out. But once we commit, look out. These Republicans are pathetic in their chest-thumping triumphalism, premature declarations of victory, and jingoistic trash talking. Really, they should STFU already, considering this President is still trying to wind down THEIR WARS eight years later. John McCain, in particular, one of the few among these ratbastards with military experience and a war record, is a pathetic caricature of his old self, and the very antithesis of the Republican warrior-politician so ably represented by the statesmanship of President Dwight Eisenhower.

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