Monday, October 10, 2011

Chris Matthews Remedial Ed: Get Some Better Guests, Willya ...


(a) It's Demo-CRATIC National Committee, NOT Demo-CRAT — shame on you;

(b) If you're going to bring on a WINGNUT shark, LIAR, SOPHIST, like Ron Christie to smear the OWS demonstrators while you stand by like a dolt, at least match him up with a WORTHY opponent. Steve Kornacki?! Gimme a fucking break. You know, Joan Walsh is from Salon too; top-level, for a reason. Plus, she ALWAYS gets the best of Christie and totally UNHINGES him. She speaks well for progressives, has one of the best BULLSHIT radars around, and ALWAYS sets the record straight. Look at it this way: At least it makes for good TV.

What, now you have wingnuts booking your guests, too? That was a shameful segment worthy of Fox, but not Hardball standards, such as they are (which seem to be slip-slidin' away.):

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