Monday, August 29, 2011

Goodnight Irene, I'll See You In My Nightmares

As subhuman germs like "meteorologist" Rush Limbaugh sneer that Hurricane Irene was "overhyped," and wingnut propagandists at the Daily Caller spew orgasmic splashy front page crapaganda about Rick Perry, millions of people in the path of Irene all along the Eastern seaboard are coping with nature's destruction. The deaths from Irene, though minimized by the rapid response and coordination of government, are rising as states from North Carolina to Vermont deal with the devastation.

Meanwhile Texan cretins like Rick Perry deny science and global warming, when all indications are that a Category 1 hurricane causes RECORD destruction not only from wind damage but from RECORD rainfall and floods. The Passaic River in NJ has overflowed its banks at levels far higher than ever before. Brooks in Vermont have turned into raging rivers. But libertarian candidate Ron Paul wants a return to the good old days of 1906 when San Francisco, lacking building and fire codes, was destroyed by a massive earthquake and fire, and 1919 Corpus Christi, Texas, in Paul's district, destroyed by a hurricane that came without warning from nonexistent government agencies like NOAA and the National Weather Service, or its Hurricane Center.

In Ron Paul's America, an earthquake and hurricane destroyed two great American cities, with scant resources being mustered by the federal government. People were left to their own devices, and died by the thousands, without warning. Those that did survive the initial onslaught received no federal disaster recovery assistance from a dedicated disaster relief agency like FEMA. Sure, let's all return to the Gilded Age of the 1900s. That's just fine and dandy with Ron Paul:

Ron Paul's America — A campaign commercial. (This newsreel of Market Street in San Francisco was filmed a few days before the Great Earthquake of 1906.) Most of the buildings were reduced to rubble if not destroyed by fire. The old historic clock tower in the distance withstood the devastation and remains standing today. The death toll has been estimated at 3,000 or more. Only six years ago today, under Republican George W. Bush and 'Helluva job Brownie' Hurricane Katrina claimed 1,700 lives. We're making slow progress — as long as we keep Republicans out of office.

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