Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Bill Maher (UNCENSORED): We're ALL Socialists, Especially The Teabaggers ...

Because, as a percentage of the population, they're most reliant on government socialism like Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security — or sucking off the government teat, like the hypocritical Bachmanns — not to speak of living in states which take in the most gub'mint revenues to federal taxes paid. So, these Teabaggers by their own definition, are the DREGS of humanity as double- and triple- and quadruple-dipping FREELOADERS.

Here's Bill Maher singing the just praises of civilized European socialism, unmarred by the cleaned-up Lawrence version with long-winded, preachy, self-indulgent intro which makes promoting even otherwise good video segments a problem. The man's pomposity ("but enough about me") knows no bounds. Give it a rest, Larry-O. Especially, after that unsuccessful recovery intro ... "the President blinked." Uh-oh. WEAK!

Bill had Teabagger Matt Kibbe next to him during the entire 'New Rules' segment. Too bad we couldn't see his facial expressions, doubtless tortured or blank.

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