Monday, July 25, 2011

Idiot Punditocracy Watch: Chris Cilliza Makes The Grade

Don't get me wrong. Chris Cilliza, of WaPo, is a good guy. So while I seldom paid much attention to what he had to say, he wasn't one to venture into Idiot Pundit territory. Mostly he's always seemed competent, with no hidden agendas other than earning an honest living to keep his family fed. Like the rest of us.

I like Chris. But on Friday, commenting on President Obama's EPIC eruption, Chris likened OBAMA to AL GORE (!)... It was one of those (WHAT?) moments with the embarrassing pregnant pause followed by the awkward (silent) 'movin' right along now'... No one had any idea in what context this was said, only that Chris may have taken temporary leave of his senses. I mean, Al Gore has HIMSELF poked fun in SNL skits at his undying reputation as the ultimate STIFF politician, variously compared to a log, a statue, or a potted plant.

But as an Idiot Punditocracy takedown of President Obama, it was almost too clever to make the grade. Almost. Chris would later redeem himself by noting, rather cynically, that it was an entirely political outburst by the President. It cuts both ways, but this was an objective enough comment to pass journalistic muster, allowing other exculpatory evidence. So, Chris Cilliza made the junior rankings grade of the Beltway Idiot Punditocracy. Still, Chris has loads of promise, and I really think that he can pull himself out of such an ignominious hole. C'mon, Chris. You're better than that!

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