Friday, July 08, 2011

Fake Prime Minister Exposes Murdoch's Evil Empire: YOU GO, HUGH!

ACTOR Hugh Grant to defunct — good riddance! — News of the World (Features Editor) HACK Paul McMullen: "You guys have no morals, no scruples at all. You didn't care who got hurt as long as you are able to sell your newspapers for a lot of money. Your only motive was profit. You're not a journalist, you have no interest in journalism, it's just money money money. You should try real journalism because you're not an idiot, Paul ... You could probably do it!"

YES! Watch Grant slam the Murdoch News of The World sleazoid with absolute class. And read more about how the actor who played a Prime Minister broke the Murdoch Evil Empire scandal on his own initiative by taping a conversation with Murdoch media hack Paul McMullen. The video juxtaposition of the two — CLASS v. SLEAZE — is so stark, it tells you everything you need to know about Rupert Murdoch and, for that matter, FOX "News." It seems on those British shows they don't apply quite so much makeup as they do over here.

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