Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dems SWEEP Elections In Wisconsin, California, Beat Back EVIL GOP DIRTY TRICKS

The Democratic Party's comeback started with NY-26, then continued strongly yesterday with a clean sweep of state senate recall primaries in Wisconsin (in which Republicans fielded FAKE Dems — they ALL LOST to the REAL Democrats) onto California in which the FILTHIEST, MOST OFFENSIVE ad in the history of political campaigns was run against the Democrat, Janice Hahn, by an obscure right wing hit group whose donors were concealed from the voters thanks to the EXTREMIST FIVE on the Supreme Court. It didn't work. Hahn won the special election to Congress with 55% of the vote.

Which raises two questions about the GOP:

1. Is the Republican Party headed for HISTORIC defeats in state and national elections in 2012; and

2. Is the Republican Party EVIL INCARNATE? We know the logo is:

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