Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cenk Ousted At MSNBC By Washington Elites

But The Beltway elites LOVE Chuck, Andrea, Dylan, Chris, and Lawrence.

Unbelievable. To Cenk's credit, he tells us what the inside story is. He didn't take the money and his integrity is intact. The power elites did not like the fact he was speaking truth to power. They wanted him to be "more like a senator." (Huh?) To not gesticulate so much. (Too ethnic?) To have more Republicans on his show. (You're off the hook, Cenk. I complained about that, but now know you had no choice. Meanwhile the audience has to put up with political hacks like Michael Steele.) To basically "tone it down" even though when he was his Young Turk self his numbers went through the roof.

THE MAN has spoken. The Idiot Punditocracy rules MSNBC content. Chuck the MSNBC mascot, who made the snarky comment about "liberal elites" in the D.C.-New York corridor, can claim its first (second, sorry Keith) casualty among his colleagues. Lawrence the fake "liberal" is safe. Beltway insiders Chris and Andrea are the "Washington people" who speak the language of the elites. Rachel is the outlier. But she's an institution, so THE MAN can't touch her. Big Eddie has a measure of autonomy because he brought in the numbers and consolidated his position.

But there's a great FREEDOM OF NEWS alternative over at CURRENT TV. I really hope, for everyone's sake, that Keith extends Cenk an invitation and he accepts it. MSNBC's loss could be our gain for unfiltered, unbiased, non-corporatist political news and commentary.

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