Wednesday, June 29, 2011


The New York Times, widely seen by those in the know, with derision by the conservative Beltway Idiot Punditocracy or fearful contempt by the wingnut propaganda machine as an instrument of imagined left wing conspiracies and paragon, epitome, archetype of “liberal media” bias, published a fawning orgasmic profile of right wing “blogger provocateur” Andrew Breitbart, recalling the hero-worship masturbatory coverage of Paul Ryan by stimulated Beltway bacchanalists. Amid breathless descriptions of Breitbart’s physicality, his “jowly” face — “as he barreled his husky, 6-foot-1 frame through the halls of the Hilton”— the aroused reporter dropped this bit of defamatory falsehood, because, you know, those poverty-stricken ACORN people can’t touch the Times:
"Some of his reader-generated scoops have reverberated all the way to the halls of the United States Capitol, like the Weiner photos and undercover video he released of Acorn workers offering advice on how to evade taxes and conceal child prostitution. After the videos went viral Congress ended grants to Acorn, and federal agencies severed ties with the group."
California's Attorney General, now Governor Jerry Brown, had a different view of events. This is from the AG's press release, after looking into the same videos and exonerating ACORN of any criminal misconduct:
"Evidence obtained by Brown tells a somewhat different story, however, as reflected in three videotapes made at ACORN locations in California. One ACORN worker in San Diego called the cops. Another ACORN worker in San Bernardino caught on to the scheme and played along with it, claiming among other things that she had murdered her abusive husband. Her two former husbands are alive and well, the Attorney General's report noted. At the beginning and end of the Internet videos, O'Keefe was dressed as a 1970s Superfly pimp, but in his actual taped sessions with ACORN workers, he was dressed in a shirt and tie, presented himself as a law student, and said he planned to use the prostitution proceeds to run for Congress. He never claimed he was a pimp."

"The evidence illustrates," Brown said, "that things are not always as partisan zealots portray them through highly selective editing of reality. Sometimes a fuller truth is found on the cutting room floor."
Evidently, the cutting room floor evidence that would exonerate ACORN from Breitbart's despicable smear didn't make the cut with this Times article, either. Interestingly, while the ACORN double down hit job by the Times was ignored (because poor people do not have the means to sue), the following  misrepresentation regarding Shirley Sherrod, whose lawsuit against Breitbart is moving through the courts, was expeditiously addressed by the Times editors:
This article has been revised to reflect the following correction:

Correction: June 29, 2011

An article on Monday about the conservative author and blogger Andrew Breitbart described incorrectly the reaction of an N.A.A.C.P. audience to a remark by Shirley Sherrod, a black Agriculture Department official. In a short video clip of the speech, which Mr. Breitbart released as evidence that Ms. Sherrod acknowledged not helping a white farmer, some audience members nodded and murmured in apparent approval; they did not applaud, although Mr. Breitbart stated that they did. (The full video showed that Ms. Sherrod’s speech was about overcoming racial prejudice, and that she did go to great lengths to help the white farmer.)

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