Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Spoiler Alert: Michael Steele Debuts As CNNBC "Analyst," Craps All Over The Joint

It's begun. Just as predicted.

First, this partisan hack is brought in to spin the GOP line after the most significant electoral victory for Democrats this entire year. A muzzled Big Eddie is reduced to playing on Steele's turf of half-truths, spin, talking points, absolute repulsive Republican BULLSHIT on the night of a Democratic turning point of momentous consequence for the 2012 election. And Big Eddie, because this HYPER-PARTISAN spinmeister is now "on the team," is restrained from ripping him a new one, as he did on Maher's show.

Get out your cell phones, folks: "Who would you rather watch discussing the stunning and momentous Democratic victory in NY-26, and what it means for the future of the country?"

(A) Democratic Party Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schulz or (B) GOP political hack and CNNBC "analyst" MICHAEL STEELE?!?


Next, the tendentious, contentious, argumentative, OBNOXIOUS GOP partisan hack and spinmeister makes his appearance on Hardball and immediately gets into an argument with Matthews and David Corn. But now he's in CNNBC's employ instead of Corn. UN-FUCKING-BELIEVABLE!

What, are you bringing back Firing Line now?

Paging Ed Rollins for some SANE, HONEST, OBJECTIVE Republican perspective.

What's really aggravating to no end is that YOU insiders do this crap for a living: You scour and research the crazies, the wingnuts, the fascists, the racists, the hypocrites, the liars, the sexual deviants — Everyone and EVERYTHING from that repugnant, repulsive Dark Side. You may be inured to it, but the viewers aren't. We'll take the filtered stuff.

And you bring Michael Steele in to defend the INDEFENSIBLE?! How do you think he's going to react, Einsteins? (See adjectives above to BUY A FUCKING CLUE! Better yet, watch a replay of his shouting match with Big Eddie on the Maher show, and watch CAREFULLY the audience GROAN every time the guy opens his mouth. Then extrapolate that reaction to YOUR AUDIENCE.)

If we wanted to watch Republican spin and BULLSHIT rather than incisive commentary and a progressive perspective on the political news, we'd be watching Fox.

Go ahead, SPIT ON YOUR AUDIENCE. Bastards.


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