Wednesday, March 02, 2011

The Voices of Wisconsin

This new ad from the Progressive Change Campaign Committee is compelling. Watch it. This is our moment, people. This is when we stand with the people of Wisconsin and FIGHT BACK. This is the moment we begin to take our country back (yes, Teabaggers, you heard it right) from the corporate elites and billionaire activists like the brothers Koch. This is the moment we begin demanding justice and fairness and accountability from the politicians and criminals who nearly brought our country down and who still act as if they own us. They do not. With their arrogant sense of entitlement, they act as if the law does not apply to them, as if they can continue to rip us off with impunity even as we bailed them out. They cannot and will not. Enough, already. They have awoken a sleeping giant and we have begun fighting back. WE WILL WIN.

And while we may not have an ally in the White House, the President can still tag along and choose to lead. Mr. Obama is no Teddy Roosevelt. He's no FDR or Truman or RFK. But at least he's stopped sucking up to the oligarchs. Reluctantly. Rachel noted, correctly, that economic populism is at the heart and soul of the Democratic Party. The sooner President Obama realizes he cannot redefine big "D" Democratic politics as some kind of bizarre mutation between the Democratic Party and the corporate elites, the sooner he will stop trying to disparage and ignore the progressive heart and soul of the Democratic Party. When President Obama said to a gathering of Republican governors, "it helps no one" to vilify unions, he sounded hurt rather than angry, disappointed rather than defiant. He sounded like a moderate Republican struggling with divided allegiances. He did not sound like a Democrat.

There's still time to jump on this bandwagon, Mr. President. Because the people are way ahead of you. We could use a little more Obama drama from the White House. No pain inflicted on the enemies of the people, no gain.

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