Saturday, February 26, 2011

100,000 Plus Rally for Unions in Madison, Thousands More Natiowide — Where IS The MSM?

Shame on MSNBC/NBC/CNN/CBS/ABC and the rest of these corporate media conglomerates. If not for the blogs, Tweeter, and other FREE non-corporate social media the news blackout would have been virtually complete. The corporate media's non-coverage of the pro-union protests has been shameful. With Fox cornering the lies and propaganda pro-Republican coverage, its allies in the so-called "liberal media" employ the non-coverage strategy to get around charges of bias. The bias is more of a benign corporate elitism exemplified by simply ignoring thorny anti-corporate stories. The network suits are chummy with enemies of the people, Rupert and Roger. Enemies of the people = enemies of the union = news blackout.

Memo to Rachel: Add an empty video file labeled "Wisconsin Pro-Union Protests, 100K+, 2-26-11" to your "Brokaw shelf", why dontcha.

Memo to David Gregory: Let me guess — Nothing but softballs tossed at Gov. Walker, while buying into his "budget crisis" narrative; that MTP had to be pressured by progressive blogs into booking AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka, the only Sunday show to invite a union leader, is DISGRACEFUL. Surprise us by asking tough questions, AND THE ALL-IMPORTANT FOLLOW-UP. Not holding out breath.

Meanwhile, the Catholic Bishops came out in support of the Wisconsin union — Hear, hear:
“You and our brother bishops in Wisconsin are offering a timely reminder of what the Church teaches on the rights and duties of workers, including the right to form and belong to unions and other associations, and the obligation to address difficult problems with respect for the rights and needs of all. As you insist, ‘hard times do not nullify the moral obligation each of us has to respect the legitimate rights of workers.’”
“Catholic teaching and your statement remind us these are not just political conflicts or economic choices; they are moral choices with enormous human dimensions. The debates over worker representation and collective bargaining are not simply matters of ideology or power, but involve principles of justice, participation and how workers can have a voice in the workplace and economy.”
Memo to Chris: This is your bailiwick; how about giving the Church a platform when they're on the side of social justice for workers. Their moral authority holds sway with millions of Americans, and the Catholic Church can be as helpful here as they were standing up to South American dictators.

For photos and more coverage of nationwide rally, check out MoveOn site.

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