Saturday, January 29, 2011


Remember that campaingn ad by Arizona Senator John McCain with a sheriff from the next county over, 115 miles from where the ad was filmed, because the local border lawman might tell 'The Mavrick' "his ten-point plan is a waste of time and resources"? The Senator's famous line was "complete the danged fence."

Well, after watching this TRMS report on the utter breakdown of the most basic kinds of gun safety  regulations, specifically closing the insane reporting loophole on the sale of AK-47s and other lethal man-, woman-, and child-killing automatic rifles favored by the Mexican drug cartels, it occurs to me that the Senator would better serve his constituents building that electrified around the Lone Wolf Gun Shop and adding to his plan stiff sanctions for gun-running: from the U.S. to the other side of the  border, including criminal penalties for arming the Mexican drug cartels. 

Have any of these the-Constitution-is-about-2nd Amendment-"remedies" wingnuts who obsess with fantasies of our so-called "tyrannical" government ever paused for a moment to consider the nihilistic consequences of their insane no-regulations gun culture? Have they thought through the implications of U.S. gun manufacturers arming Mexican drug cartels, and that all this firepower may be turned against U.S. border patrol and enforcement, if it hasn't already?

When Dick Cheney says we should limit the number of rounds in a magazine, it signals that the time to reopen our national conversation on gun control has come. At least considering a return to the status quo ante before jelly-spined Democrats allowed the assault weapons ban to expire. For all the self-reinforcing talk that Democrats have "shifted" on sensible gun control, it's fair to conclude that in the wake of the Tucson massacre the "shift" is swinging back the other way.

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