Monday, December 06, 2010

This Time Matthews GROSSLY Misrepresents Frank Rich of The New York Times

In discussing President Obama's capitulation with his pals at POLITICO Chris Matthews SLIMED Frank Rich, the erudite New York Times columnist, by claiming Rich was comparing the President to Ralph Kramden of the Honeymooners (FALSE, the analogy was to NJ Governor Chris Christie) and playing "theater director" (whatever that means). This is what Rich ACTUALLY said, in context, which Matthews rarely provides. The key graph is the last one, in italics (added for emphasis) in which Rich EXPLICITLY states that no one "expects Obama to imitate Christie's [Kramden, in Matthews's confused and irrational dialectic] in-your-face, bull-in-the-china-shop shtick." So the "theater director" put-down is a total low blow on Matthews's part:
Christie’s popularity among national right-wing activists and bloggers has been stoked by a viral YouTube video where he dresses down a constituent in a manner that recalls Ralph Kramden sending Alice “to the moon.” But the core of Christie’s appeal at home is that he explains passionately held views in concrete, plain-spoken detail. Voters know what he stands for and sometimes respect him for his forthrightness even when they reject the stands themselves. This extends to his signature issue — his fiscal and rhetorical blows against public education. He’s New Jersey’s most popular statewide politician despite the fact that a 59 percent majority in the state thinks public schools deserve more taxpayer money, not less.

G.O.P. propagandists notwithstanding, Christie’s appeal does not prove that New Jersey (and therefore the country) has “turned to the right.” It does prove that people want a leader with a strong voice, even if only to argue with it.

No one expects Obama to imitate Christie’s in-your-face, bull-in-the-china-shop shtick. But they have waited in vain for him to stand firm on what matters to him and to the country rather than forever attempting to turn non-argumentative reasonableness into its own virtuous reward.
"Ralph Kramden" where, Chris? Shame on you. Imbecile.

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