Sunday, November 21, 2010

Proof Goldfish Are Smarter Than Wingnuts

Jim Treacher, the minimalist blogger (by choice? Theoretically, less words, less lies per sentence...) for our favorite wingnut slime outlet, Daily Caller, questioned Joe Biden’s smarts with this lame retort: “Biden calling Obama brilliant is much like a goldfish calling… well, calling Obama brilliant.

Yawwwnnn! Sparky (loyal sidekick Hannibal, background) needs more of a challenge.
Really? My goldfish Sparky, famous for his political prognostications, takes exception. But it doesn’t take a rocket scientist, let alone a goldfish, to recognize the President’s intellect. Nor does it take the Vice President, a goldfish, or the American people, 67 percent of whom say Sarah Palin is unqualified to be president, to recognize Mama Grizzly’s lack of it.

As Ben Franklin famously said correcting Thomas Jefferson’s Declaration with transcendent editorial panache, it’s “self-evident.” Compared to wingnuts who post slimy garbage like this online, goldfish are definitely smarter: