Thursday, September 09, 2010


It’s about time! It’s the fourth quarter, Mr. President, our team is trailing and you just hit a three-point shot from downtown with nothing but net. Orangeade John is starting to sweat as the rub-on instant tan begins to melt and drip into his eyes. “Man that stings,” thinks boner-boy, “this ain’t my game … Oh how I wish I was out on the links with my country club corporate donors … Aargh!”

Awesome speech, Mr. President. Making the case, block-by-block, reminding the American people what this midterm election is about: Staying the course, or falling back into the same old horrible ditch they got us into, trying to dig ourselves out with hand-to-hand combat against those anti-American Republicans and misguided teabaggers. You cain’t beat somethin’ with nuthin’ and Boehner and his crowd of billionaire plutocrats and the teabagger brigands have a WHOLE LOT OF NUTHIN’! Obama channeling Truman in ’48 railing against the DO-NOTHING CONGRESS — same Republican Congress, different Boehner, SAME RESULT IN NOVEMBER!

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