Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ted Olson, Former Solicitor General Under George W. Bush, Weighs In on Mosque Controversy

It is truly tragic that the view of a rational and prominent conservative such as Ted Olson, whose wife died in the plane that crashed into the Pentagon on 9/11, should not prevail with the leadership of the Republican Party and indeed among most self-described conservatives. It is evident that the Republicans have no responsible leadership; they have capitulated to the Islamophobic incitements of Limbaugh’s hate radio and Palin’s racist and moronic tweets.

Few critics of the Islamic cultural center project in lower Manhattan have suffered more than the 9/11 families and Mr. Olson, with whom they share that special bond. After having to endure the indecent politicized bloviations of Newt Gingrich, comparing Muslim Americans to Nazis and center organizers to “triumphalist radical Islamists,” it is still surprising to hear the dissonant voice of decency from this honorable conservative:

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