Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Palin’s Wailin’ Wassila Wall

Not all is guns ‘n roses in the Sarah Palin online shrine known as her Facebook page. As SNL’s fake Rahm Emanuel said:
“You come after me on facebook? What, are your fourteen? Here's a status update: Grow the fuck up! Poke me again, and I will write shit on your wall so obsene your computer will cry. Go back to the tundra, you fucking gimmick!”
Indeed, the censored (recovered) comments on Palin’s Facebook wall present a picture closer to the fake Emanuel’s threat of making it a Palin Wailin’ Wassila Wall than the carefully choreographed and screened vehicle designed to massage her image with the public while bypassing that pesky “lamestream media.” What do commenters really think of Sister Sarah? Here’s a look behind the curtain of her Facebook wall. Not so saintly Sister Sarah.

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