Monday, July 05, 2010

World Eagerly Awaits Paul, the Oracle Octopus’s Next Prediction; Meanwhile …

Forget Mick and Bill, the beautiful Sara Carbonero, or Paraguayan model Larissa Riquelme’s generous cleavage. The hottest celebrity of the 2010 World Cup is Paul, the Oracle Octopus, whose predictions for Germany’s wins and losses in the Cup are a perfect 100%. Paul even predicted Germany’s early loss to Serbia.

Meanwhile, as the public eagerly awaits for Paul to pick the winner of the Germany-Spain semifinal …

Sara Carbonero, voted the world’s most beautiful reporter, brushed off the critics who accused her of distracting her boyfriend, Spain’s goalkeeper Iker Casillas who, they said, was “thinking of other things” when he took that Swiss goal with his girlfriend behind the net. A favorite target of the tabloids, the luscious brunette has continued her alleged sideline distractions as a sports reporter for Telecinco.

Responding to the critics, Sara reacted diffidently: “I can destabilize the team? I think that makes no sense whatsoever!”

Superstitious fans are scanning the VIP boxes with trepidation to see whether Mick Jagger has shown up, and more importantly, what country he intends to root for. Since his appearance with Bill Clinton in the USA-Ghana match, Jagger has turned into the biggest shamanic jinx and cold foot in the competition, giving any self-respecting witch doctor and macumbeiro a run for their evil spells. Here’s Mick’s record, for the teams he’s supported with his presence in the VIP boxes:
  • Jagger rooted for the USA (alongside Bill Clinton) – result: Ghana 2 USA 1
  • Jagger rooted for his mother country, England – result: Germany 4 England 1
  • Jagger rooted for Brasil (with his Brasilian son) – result: Netherlands 2 Brasil 1
  • Jagger rooted for Argentina (logically, since Germany had defeated England) – result: Germany 4 Argentina 0
Are there any teams left you wish to defeat, Mick, or is your “work” done and you can go home now?


Lula O said...

loved this carlos! We've been having fun watching these.

Carlos said...

Yeah, it's been a pretty good World Cup.

And for the nonbelievers, Paul the Oracle Octopus is a PERFECT 6-for-6: Playing no favorites whatsoever, Paul AGAIN correctly predicted a Spain victory over the favored Germans ... Don't mess with Paul, the Octopus! :D

The nice thing about the Netherlands-Spain final is, whoever wins will be a first-time World Champion.