Wednesday, July 21, 2010

MEMO to the White House: Rehire Shirley Sherrod. NOW!

Spineless bastards. Forgive my French, but the WH record of backing down to every right wing fabrication alleging reverse racism in an effort to push back against legitimate charges of Tea Party racism has reached the boiling point.

Enough is enough! Grow a spine, already.

Andrew Breitbart, the same lying ratbastard who gave us the edited ACORN tapes has struck again, this time producing heavily edited dishonest and dishonorable tapes purporting to show a black woman USDA employee's racism against a poor white couple, when in fact the exact opposite was true. Not only that, but the omissions continued, as Fox conveniently left out the part that this occurred 24 years ago when Ms. Sherrod wasn't even in the federal government's employ.

What we see IN CONTEXT is the evolution of a thought process in which Ms. Sherrod, confronted for the first time with the reality of a poor white farm family reexamines her preconceptions and comes to realize that it's about black and white poverty, and not about race. In Oprahspeak, this would be called a lightbulb moment, which guided and informed Ms. Sherrod's career to this day, as she went on to help countless white farm families in dire financial straits.

Shame on AG Secretary Vilsack and the jellyfish denizens of the WH for buckling to Fox News and Breitbart, who are utterly despicable excuses for humanity. Ms. Sherrod deserves our respect and admiration. That she was three times harassed by calls from a WH hack, told to pull over, and then resign immediately, is shameful!

Make this right, Sec. Vilsack, or the WH will lose whatever tepid support its disgusted base still can muster, and not gain it back.

For anyone remotely interested in the truth, please watch the context of this story:

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"An ideologue injects poison into the internet, other people rush to judgment on camera, and an administration gets stampeded and commits this travesty of justice. The NAACP has at least had the courage to come back and say 'we were wrong' and apologize. Now the administration needs to do the same thing. The president -- tonight -- ought to order the Agriculture Department to reopen this case, give this woman a fair hearing, and -- if the facts are as they seem -- reinstate her with an apology. Indeed, I think she deserves a whole lot more than an apology. I think she deserves honor for her attempts to bring people together."

David Gergen, CNN


okbushmans said...

Agreed. Both sides "leak" out sound bites that are incomplete which in turn are inaccurate. The sad irony is that she was exprssing her journey in overcoming racial bias, and she was FIRED for half her statement! I am just as furious with Andrew Breitbart/BigGovernment as I am with how the WH and Vilsak has handled this. It shows that even on the opposite sides of the political spectrum still play the same political games. (You can read my LENGTHY post on my blog -

Carlos said...

Breitbart is a liar, and so, for the most part, are Fox News. It's documented and incontrovertible. They have a history of selectively editing tapes, taking things out of context, which isn't journalism; it's propaganda.