Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Targeting the Biggest Democratic Asshole in the Senate

Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska is the single most despicable corporate tool wearing the “Democratic” label in the Senate. Nelson has been more than a Democrat-in-Name-Only (DINO). He has opposed just about every single legislative initiative of the Democratic Party, from healthcare reform to extending unemployment benefits, when people’s lives hang in the balance. Nelson was the ONLY Democrat to join the Republican filibuster. For that alone, he is shameless. Frankly, electing a Republican, even a Teabagger, to his Senate seat would be an improvement.

Progressives are hitting back at this bastard, in his state. Hopefully, his senatorial career will end soon. Ben Nelson represents the very worst of special interest corporatist politics in both parties. Why he has not switched parties is a puzzlement; it must have something to do with Harry Reid’s inability to crack the whip on the privileges and seniority of the only caucus member, Ben Nelson, who has consistently refused to support the Democratic agenda.

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