Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Jon Stewart Is a Genius: Watch Him Shred the Right for Trying to Link the Prez to GWB's Failures

Which begs the question: These wingnuts are tacitly admitting what a dismal, disastrous failure George W. Bush’s eight-year nightmare on the American people was; n’est pas?

It’s fascinating to see the wingnuts recall every single FUBAR of the Bush regime (installed by a SCOTUS putsch) with its corresponding (often one-word) notorious description: ‘Katrina’; ‘mission accomplished’; ‘Harriet Meyers’; ‘Iraq; ‘9/11’; ‘Enron’; ‘Heckuva job, Brownie’ moment; ‘My Pet Goat’ moment; ‘deficits’; ‘recession’; ‘war’ . . . and still they pine for the days of America’s dismal failure with ‘I miss Bush’ billboards –- the ultimate exercise in right wing echo chamber denial.

To make matters worst, these wingnuts incessantly lie about the fact that the stimulus has worked, that 290,000 jobs were created in April (the most in 4 years), that the unemployment rate while unacceptablty high at 9.9% is still lower than the highest recorded under Reagan at 10.8%, and that tax rates under President Obama are the lowest they’ve been in 60 years, back when ‘Give ‘em Hell’ Harry Truman, a great Democrat, was president.

Try telling this to the Teabaggers, as was shown in an earlier post, and they’ll simply refuse to believe it. Well, that’s really grown-up for people whose average age ranges from 45 and up. Most of them probably were alive when taxes were as low as they are today. Maybe they’re suffering from a form of political and civics Alzheimer’s. Or, as Harry Truman used to say:
“I never give them hell. I just tell the truth and they think it's hell.”
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