Monday, March 01, 2010

Quotable: Jim Bunning

Republican Senator Jim Bunning of Kentucky, flips the bird to a Democratic colleague, and throws 400,000 unemployed Americans and seniors dependent on Medicare under the bus:
Senator Bunning is filibustering a bill extending unemployment and COBRA benefits as well as Medicare payments for doctors, which the AMA said would result in a “meltdown” for seniors in urgent need of medical care, as well as furloughs for highway workers with a halt in funding. Just so that he can make a point about deficit spending on the backs of the most needy. This hypocrite did not block any of the deficit-exploding measures passed by the Bush regime, such as tax cuts for the rich, Medicare prescription drugs sweetheart deals for corporations, and off-budget war funding. In fact, Bunning voted for all of them.

As the great Brazilian band, LegiĆ£o Urbana (Urban Legion) defiantly asked: What country is this!?


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