Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Memo to Republicants: Don’t Mess With a New Yorker, ESPECIALLY One Named Weiner

New York Congressman and healthcare reform hero Anthony Weiner smacked down Republicants with a direct assault on their meretricious relations with the health insurance industry. One Republicant fool on the Hill objected despite Weiner’s warning, “You don’t want to go there.” The Republicants did, much to our delight:

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srbushman said...

Although entertaining for shock value, I thought he came off as an arrogant jerk. And again, I watched it kind of laughing about the obsurdity. But when I've heard much about the divisive nature of the Republicans, this is proof that it runs rampant in both parties. Yet, sometimes I wish the republicans would lose their over polished hair and spray tans to get a little scrappy. It just wouldn't be as believable as a democratic Weiner from New York! Fuhgeddaboutit!!!