Thursday, December 17, 2009

Good for Al Franken

This counts as a slap-down in the Senate. It may not be much, but Senator Franken made his (and our) point. In a legislative body that likes to wallow in the gallows of its traditions -- I say bring back caning -- the so-called "comity" of the Senate in search of an SNL comedy skit got caned thanks to Senator Al Franken's exquisite actor's sense of timing:

Senator Al spoke for millions of us who are itching to get back at Traitor Joe, the most loathsome, despicable, and petty member of a pretty loathsome deliberative body . . . That is, save for the saving grace of Al Franken, who answers to no one but the people of Minnesota -- which is as it should be -- a point he made quite clear to the insurance company shill standing before him.

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I'm Not Ned said...

Very nice Sen. Franken!

Although he blew his chance when responding to the esteemed idiot from Arizona. I'd have loved to hear something along the lines of, "Senator, after witnessing the actions of an elected representative and United States military officer show complete contempt and disrespect to the President of the United Stated and his Commanding Officer in the Chambers of Congress I decided to take it upon myself to enforce our rules of conduct. Do you have a problem with that?"

Of course I would have added ended with "Do you have a problem with that Asshat?"