Friday, October 02, 2009

Rio had its own Star Power ...

No offense to the Obamas, but with ...


LULA, too! ... How could we lose?

Rio will be ready to shine. Unlike Chicago, 85% of Rio's residents wanted the Games.

Also, as Lula noted, Brasil is the only country among the top ten world economies not to have hosted an Olympics. Indeed, the record is pretty lopsided: North America - 6 Olympics; South America - 0.

It's about time. Check out Maracanã Stadium and the projected expansion of a volleyball venue on the right. Maracanã, the Temple of Football (soccer), and hands down the world's most majestic stadium, was built in 1950, when Brasil hosted the World Cup. Brasil steamrolled its opposition only to lose the final to Uruguay, 2-1. Hopefully, we can erase that traumatic history in 2014, when the Cup returns to Brasil.

It's a great boost for a great and beautiful city!


I'm Not Ned said...

Congrats Carlos! and all of Brasil! Enjoy the world attention as you show off your city and country in style!

Correction though, I believe the US has hosted 8 modern Olympics (4 each summer/winter). Even Japan has hosted 3 (not including the 2 canceled in 1940).

The only games in the Southern hemisphere have both been in Australia! And with Spain having hosted in 1992 I figured it was only natural to give the nod to Rio.


Carlos said...

Thanks,INN! I was thinking of the Summer Games, not those crazy winter games where the icy countries get to excel in sports like curling!

Australia counts as a specific region/almost continent, Oceania, so it's not strictly a hemispheric thing.

Yup ... it was just our turn.

I'm Not Ned said...

Plus you all know how to celebrate! That should count for something. ;^)

Funniest quote I've seen yet, "We beat the big cities!". Um, yeah... Rio is twice the size of Chicago or Madrid (Not quite twice if you take the entire metro area). I understand it's more a feeling of attention/dominance than population, but it made me laugh.

So can we count on the beach volleyball uniforms being even smaller? WOOHOO!

Carlos said...

Well, you know, about a month ago I read some silly poll that said Rio is the world's No. 1 happiest city. That must have clinched it. (I think Sidney came in second.)

Those small beach volleyball uniforms reduce drag and increase mobility. *wink*

Plus we got game in volleyball, too. The Brasilian men's gold medal volleyball team of Athens 2004 was rated by Karch Kiraly, no less, the greatest team of all time. Those guys were a sight to see with their power game, synchronized spiking, and defensive digs.

Lula O said...

And that Lula guy has a cool name.
Great pic.