Friday, October 30, 2009

Lou Dobbs, CNN’s Resident Racist, Falls Victim to Fearmongering Self

Isn’t it invariably true that the media wingnut Carney Criers trafficking in fear and hatred will eventually fall victim to their own self-inflicted irrational paranoia? Glenn Beck never leaves his bunker without an armed bodyguard. Talk radio racist Rush Limbaugh and CNN hater Lou Dobbs have taken similarly draconian measures.

After years of tolerating scurrilous, largely unanswered attacks on latino immigrants from Dobbs, the popular FOX TV tabloid personality Geraldo Rivera has finally had enough. Rivera fired a verbal broadside at Dobbs, blaming him for the “reckless beyond imagining, reckless beyond precedent … defamatory tone” of the immigration debate in this country, adding that Dobbs “is almost singlehandedly responsible for creating, for being the architect of the young-Latino-as-scapegoat for everything that ails this country.”

The slippery Dobbs, who probably viewed Rivera as a fellow traveler, since Rivera’s tabloid brand of sensationalism fits the Murdoch media profile to a T, was clearly rattled by the attack. Rivera is a conservative who appeals to a sizable swath of conservative Hispanic Americans, yes, but one issue that cuts across ideological lines among latinos in this country is immigration. This becomes evident considering that the only pro-Dobbs latinos on his show are so virulently right wing that their ethnic heritage is incidental and exceedingly elitist.

And so, lurking just beneath the surface, the real Lou Dobbs revealed himself: a paranoid coward afraid of his own shadow –- traits common to racists and hatemongers.

After the expected ad hominen attacks on Rivera, avoiding the substance of the criticisms, Dobbs made a sympathy play by claiming he had received threatening phone calls for weeks (which went unreported until now) and that gunshots had been fired at his house. Dobbs linked the alleged threats and gunshots to his “crackdown on illegal immigration and to his opponents’ rhetoric,” Geraldo Rivera most prominent among them. It wasn’t necessary for Dobbs to mention Rivera’s name for the inference to be drawn.

When asked to comment on Dobbs’s complaint of shots fired at his house in Sussex County, New Jersey, a NJ state police spokesperson “chuckled out loud” in a phone interview, and said he “wouldn’t classify the [alleged gunfire incident] as very unusual.” There are hunters in the area and, “at this time of year hunter (shooting) complaints go up.” When asked what he thought of Dobbs’s version of the gunfire incident, the very professional Sgt. Jones said, "I'm really going to leave Lou Dobbs’s assessment to himself.”

And so it is. Lou Dobbs is spooked by nonexistent threats and irrational dangers hiding in the shadows and attics of his brain. You’ve made your bed, Mr. Dobbs. Now it’s time to sleep in it with your demons. If you can.


Anonymous said...

What goes around comes around!

Anonymous said...

resident racist, clueless article, how is wanting this country to enforce its immigration laws racist? Carlos go sleep in your own bed in your own country

Carlos said...

It’s not about a political point of view on the immigration debate. It’s about Lou Dobbs's racism, the inflammatory rhetoric of lies about latinos in the U.S. It’s not only Geraldo Rivera of FOX, but hundreds of thousands of citizens in this country who are petitioning to get Lou Dobbs off the air on CNN for promoting racism and hate speech. His “canards” about latinos in the U.S., as Geraldo Rivera of FOX calls them, contribute to a climate of hate against latinos in this country that leads to violence and vigilanteism.

And what makes you think I am not an American? My first name? At least it's not "anonymous."

"What goes around comes around" indeed ... rather like the air between your ears. Given the ignorance of your comment, I doubt you’d pass the standard citizenship test to become an American.

Anonymous said...

Tell me what racism of lou dobbs, he has only spoken out about illegal immigration. Hundreds of thousands may want him off the air, but he also has hundreds of thousands of people who want him on the air for the simple fact is doesnt cow toe to special interest groups.Funny how you default right back to insults, thats a little test of mine you actually failed.The simple fact is this debate is about illegal immigrants, not legal ones.

Carlos said...

When Dobbs demonizes latino undocumented workers on a nightly basis with the most vile lies, saying they are responsible for crime, terror, disease, taking American jobs, when he repeatedly spreads the putrid lie that one-third of our prison population is composed of illegal aliens, when he promotes a group founded by a white nationalist that, according to, was linked earlier this year to vigilantes in Arizona who brutally murdered 9-year-old Brisenia Flores and her father in their home, when the kids of legal immigrants, as Geraldo Rivera recounts it, are harassed in kindergarten and 2nd grade and called “border jumpers” because of the “reckless slander” of an entire race of people that Dobbs pushes nightly on his show with his lies -- that is RACISM.

Watch the videos and read the facts. This conversation is over.

Peter said...

Add in his leprosy and reconquest fantasies, plus his proud "birther" status. Yup, the racist shoe fits perfectly, and Lou loves to wear it.

How long will CNN keep it up?