Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Crappy Network News: Jon Stewart Demolishes Worst Excuse for a "Political Team"

How annoying is it to hear Wolfe Blitzer repeat ad nauseum that B.S. about the "best political team on television." Rarely can I watch CNN before its self-indulgent self-promotion in search of competent political news reporting intrudes with a click. In short, CNN SUCKS!

Thanks to America's most trusted news anchor, comedian extraordinaire Jon Stewart, for exposing the pathetic supercilious excuse for journalism that is AC 360. Among others.

Incidentally, one of the right wing hack regulars on the AC 360 franchise, Dan Castellanos, a Cuban American Cold Warrior cited on this blog for his outrageous reactionary views, runs a political consulting firm that is an ad buyer for the AHIP (Ass Hole Insurance Plans of America) anti-healthcare reform campaign. I wonder how image-obsessed AC 360 (C)oops will handle this glaring conflict of interest.

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