Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Alan Grayson Redux: Teaching Vid for Those Obnoxious DINOS

Congressman Grayson, a Harvard graduate who grew up in a working class union household, understands the struggles with healthcare of blue collar low income, working, and middle class Americans.

That's right. This is addressed directly to Max Baucus, Kent Conrad, Blanche Lincoln, Ben Nelson, Mary Landrieu, and every unnamed "Democratic" senator who opposes the public option; in the House, to the so-called Blue Dogs (I prefer to call them Blue Dinosaurs, DINOS for short).

Watch this and see what it takes to be the people's representative from the Democratic Party in the great tradition of FDR, Truman, and the Kennedys: John, Bobby, and Ted.

Listen up, DINOS. As President Obama likes to say, this is a teachable moment. Having a (D) before your name doesn't make you a Democrat. You still have time to vote like a Democrat. Vote for a healthcare reform bill with a robust public option. If you do not, there are many impressive Democratic candidates lining up to take your place. Believe it.


Lula O said...

I tried not to watch this because it just makes me so mad. Grr..they just don't give a damn, do they.

Carlos said...

Still, the DINOS are under a lot more pressure now, and thanks to Grayson the heat just turned up on them.

This kind of arrogant disregard for the people's choice of a public option, 65% of us and 77% of doctors want it, is really infuriating the public, and the DINOS are reading it in the polls.

Sens. Rockefeller, Feingold, Schumer, and Brown are circulating a letter to Harry Reid insisting on a public option w/30 signatures so far. Brown says they've already got the 50+ votes. Things are looking up.

Programming note: Tonight at 7 Keith Olbermann is devoting his entire hour to healthcare reform.