Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Wingnuts Beware: Jack Bauer SUPPORTS Universal Healthcare

Well, not quite. But Canadian-born Kiefer Sutherland, star of '24' on Fox, made this ad supporting universal healthcare:

(Subliminal message from Jack Bauer: Support universal healthcare with a public option, OR DIE.)

Why, you might ask, would wingnut hero and the Republicans' unauthorized torture ambassador, Special Agent Jack Bauer, Kiefer's alter ego, his Mr. Hyde, cut this ad? Well, for one, Bauer's got GOVERNMENT-RUN HEALTHCARE! And boy, does he need it ...

But wait ... After listening to Republicans cite Jack Bauer (seriously) to bolster their national security pro-torture arguments in committee, one almost begins to think Bauer's a REAL person.

In truth, Kiefer Sutherland comes from a celebrated family. His father, the great actor Donald Sutherland, starred in some of my favorite films: MASH, Klute, The Dirty Dozen, Ordinary People, with memorable bit parts on Animal House and JFK, among many others.

But it was Kiefer's grandfather, Tommy Douglas, who was recently voted by the people of Canada "The Greatest Canadian" for introducing universal healthcare to Canada. He is known in Canada as the "father of Medicare."

As a fan of his father and sometime '24' viewer, I wondered what could compel Kiefer to take on such a role (besides the money). Then it hit me: As a Canadian with such distinguished family ties to universal healthcare, Kiefer must have viewed the violent, anything goes Darwinist society portrayed in '24' as a fairly accurate allegory of present-day USA.

It's interesting to note that Ted Kennedy enjoyed watching '24' DVDs with Vicky in the waning days of his life. Someday, hopefully sooner than later, Senator Kennedy will be hailed as the Tommy Douglas of America.

Thanks Jack, er ... Kiefer.

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