Sunday, September 20, 2009

Timeout: Sports Briefs

This was a mostly good and eventful sports Sunday.

First, back-to-back wins by the Bears and Giants with interesting parallels, not least a quartet of young receivers: Johnnie Knox and Kellen Davis for the Bears and for the Giants, Mario Mannigham and Steve Smith. Knox and Manningham, with their blazing speed, breakaway moves, and sure hands look like budding stars.

Jay Cutler played to expectations. Impressive. The Bears seem to be an excellent fit. I like his pressers. Very laid back, like Eli. Winners, both. I can't say the same for Tony Romo, in my view the most overrated "marquee" quarterback in the game. This guy can find creative ways to lose, so I was quite confident the Giants would spoil Jerry Jones's bread and circuses Cowboys Coliseum extravaganza. With W. in attendance it was extra enjoyable. Have I mentioned yet how much I hate the Cowboys?

Both games ended on last-play field goals. Gould is good as gold. In the Cowboys game their coach, Wade Phillips, called a timeout to "freeze" the kicker after the ball had sailed off his foot. It literally skimmed the left post. (Thanks for the practice kick, Wade.) The next kick was right down the middle. Imagine if the first kick was a miss ... Phillips would've been in Tony Romo territory then. I think they deserve each other.

The Cubs have finally had enough of Milton Bradley, suspended for the season. It's unlikely he'll ever play for this team again. In tight economic times, $30 million is a hell of a costly mistake for the Cubs to swallow. Check that; it's costly under any circumstances, but in times like these the extravagant waste is all the more galling. At least other overpaid jackass athletes (A-Rod) make a minimal effort to behave professionally.

Should the GM's head roll for this, even though it was his decision?


bodog rakeback said...

Tony Romo struggled last night, that cannot be denied. I dont see who the Cowboys have on the roster that is better than Romo at quarterback, and like it or not he will be the qb for the next couple years. He has been a great regular season qb, but needs to step it up in the big games.

Carlos said...

Exactly right. Not only win the big games, but go to the Big Dance before he can hope to stand in Staubach's shoes. It's amazing that the Cowboys haven't won a playoff game since 1996. If they don't start soon, the Jerry Jones Coliseum will be hosting fleas.

Pressure's on ...